Monday, March 31, 2014

recent treasuries

i'm really sick today. yuck yuck yuck. my goal today is to rest and keep food down.

here are my treasuries for this month:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

something like an art journal

one of my creative goals this year was to create what is known as an art journal. up front, i'm not really comfortable with that term. i kept paper journals for about twenty years - some were painted and stamped and sometimes fairly artsy...and what i am doing now is less journal than that. it's an experimentation book, really.

i have been testing out using different types of media together in different ways.  sometimes i like the outcome, and sometimes i learn from it.

i've been writing down words when they've been on my mind while i'm writing.  there aren't really many words. i just happened to photograph the words, because my eye is drawn to them. last night i just wanted to write down lyrics. there is room for that in this book.

this book is a space to practice and play with materials and colors and ideas. there is not much pre-planning, and i'm not certain if any pages are completely finished yet. i work simultaneously on probably twenty pages...adding a little bit here and there, wherever i'm feeling like creating at the moment.  what you are seeing here are just pieces of a whole that will keep evolving.

("overcome evil with good" was a reminder from church a few weeks ago, and definitely on my mind as i doodled around this flower.)

art journal/experimentation book/mixed media practice/play book...whatever you want to call's another good way to put my leftover paint to use, and the process is calming.

i'll keep you updated as it progresses.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

a craft for everyone

i spent the weekend in cincinnati with the wonderful jorgenson family. the weekend was full! watching aven's dance class, going to ikea and jungle jim's, seeing frozen, going on an artsy adventure i'd always wanted to try (more on that later), eating magnificent mediterranean food yesterday and then eating corned beef sandwiches and potato pancakes today, and a craft that i could make with the kids.

we decorated embroidery hoops.

 this is an ideal craft for little kids. you can use scraps of fabric and ribbon that you may already have (we used jenni's stash of fabric and i may have gone overboard at a hobby lobby 50% off ribbon sale). it takes as much time as cutting ribbon, placing the ribbon on the fabric, connecting the hoops and cutting the fabric remnants from the back. 

aven, at four years old, decided this was the best craft ever. asa, at two years old, designed his extremely well. he said, "thank. you. craft!" on my way out the door. jenni (the mama to these crafty kids) made one for herself as well. (i didn't take awesome photos...this whole event was fact, aven switched out her fabric after this photo was taken.)

it was my fault that i placed the connector upside down on asa's hoop. so, here's a tip, pay attention to the direction of the outer hoop. but otherwise, totally easy craft for everyone. if one of these took more than five minutes, it was because we were taking our time choosing ribbons. clean up was also extremely simple.

 toddler approved!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

triangle pendants

I listed two new pendants in the Mirthmarket this morning.  I like these triangles, with their striking black and white designs.  They seem versatile and unique.  After that, I rearranged the shop.  I also replaced two older thumbnail photos with brighter, cleaner images.  It's funny how a few simple changes like that can make an impact!

I've felt less connected with Etsy in recent years, and I want to become better reacquainted again.  I am a creature of habit and not fond of sudden experiments and changes, so when shop banners disappeared last week in favor of weirdly placed white space, I was caught off guard.  Etsy replaced banners again this week, and I'm thankful for that.  Can you imagine going to a mall where every storefront's sign was written in the same size and font?  That mall would be called No-fun-ville.

Anyway, I truly do want to build back my enthusiasm toward Etsy. I want to fill my shop and be active and make treasuries.  Let's call it a springtime resolution.  It is so much easier to list new items now!  And "chit-chat" is once again authorized in the forums!  And there is so much beauty and creativity all over Etsy - I want to see it all and celebrate it.

I'll share what I find with you!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

blue painting

Inspired by last week's painting, I created this today with a very
blue-pink-red-purple-orange color scheme that's making me happy.
These flowers look like they may be dancing to Pharrell.

I hope your week is wonderful!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

new painting

today i painted these flowers on a 6 x 6 inch canvas.  someday i will paint something larger.  

i went back and forth several times about whether to add words to this one.  i had a phrase in mind.  i even painted it in navy and then in pink, on the bottom (before many of the flowers), then across the top.

then i realized this painting was not meant to have words.  so i added a few more flowers and all of the dots and garlands and stars.  i highlighted some areas with yellow watercolor and then watched the closing ceremonies of the olympics (silver dancers!  chagall!  humor with the olympic rings!) and now that i've scanned this in and brightened it a bit, i like it even more.  (i usually do not edit my paintings at all, but i experimented with this one and i like it.  you deserve the transparency from me.)

the words i kept wanting to use with this painting were "be gentle with your soul".  because i was feeling it, not because it went with these flowers.

i really like painting.

i hope you have a fantastic week!

Monday, February 17, 2014

giddy fangirl

jimmy fallon!

i can't even tell you how excited i am that the tonight show with jimmy fallon premieres tonight.

i try to keep it low key, but there are two celebrities who turn me into a ridiculously giddy fangirl, and he is one. (he is the number one at that, actually.)

way back, buried deep in the internet, i remember that i posted on a jimmy fallon fan forum that i thought he would be the host of the tonight show one day.  it was probably back when he guest hosted for letterman.  it seemed right, even back in 2003.

i'm just really proud of him.  it's been so fun watching his career progress.  it's been great to see such a humble, generous,  positive, genuine person being recognized for his talents and growing in success. (i'm not alone in this.  i mean, how can you not like jimmy fallon?)

i'm excited that we get to see so much more of everything hilarious from late night, and maybe now even more people will see it.  it just feels like it will be even bigger and grander.  more thank you notes.  more parodies.  more justin timberlake.  it's a win for everyone.

and tonight?  U2 will be performing on the first episode.  seriously.  you know how i mentioned how there are two celebrities who turn me into a ridiculously giddy fangirl?

Bono Vox

bono is the other one.  since basically third grade.

oh my goodness.  i can't wait!

p.s.: i'm still giddy over this picture from thirteen years ago.  and i might always be.